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There are many things a first-time sign buyer will learn during their initial experience. For those creating large, permanent and prominently displayed signs, obtaining city permits is one of the most difficult lessons. Many people do not even realize they need a permit to install permanent exterior signage but in most cities that is definitely the case. Typically these govern how large a sign can be, how high it can be, or where it can be located. Sometimes there are rules which dictate what kind of illumination it can have or whether or not it can be animated. Other times a sign will need to conform to certain design rules so it will match the signage of the surrounding area. If your sign doesn't comply you can be fined and/or forced to remove your new sign.

So as you can see applying for and receiving a permit can be a complicated and burdensome process but Signs4Success is able to handle all of this for you. Our experience with permit applications means a more smooth, streamlined route to your permit and no scary/expensive legal surprises down the road! We have experience installing signs in almost every city in the Twin Cities metro area, and know many of the city officials on a first name basis. We keep up to date on all laws governing exterior signage in Minnesota and know the people to ask if there is ever a question.

If you’re concerned about permit requirements on your sign, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation and get you on the right path.