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9-5:30 pm central time Monday-Friday

Sign Refurbishing

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy your sign for a long lifespan, the time may come to give your image a facelift.

Refurbishing does more than giving your signage a fresh start, it can save you a great deal of money and hassle. Refurbishing a sign can be much less expensive than replacing it, but only if you have it examined by a professional signage expert from Signs4Success. We can assess your sign's condition to determine if it makes financial sense to refurbish the sign or simply replace it.

A common request is to convert a sign with bulbs to more energy-efficient LED lights. Beware of companies who promise to do this at a cut-rate price, because you will often end up with hotspots caused by improperly installed LEDs which are much brighter than bulbs. Signs4Success has light-diffusing LED bulb technology that actually spreads the light to allow for more even lighting across a given surface.