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Banner in a Bag

Tradeshow displays often serve as the face of your business. With tradeshow time upon us, arm yourself with a professional looking banner that will catch your visitors’ attention and pique their curiosity.

We highly recommend the “X Banner,” which has become a popular product for tradeshow participants because it's affordable, easy to assemble, light-weight and offers a clean look. As one would imagine, when it’s assembled, the stand looks like the letter “X.”

So how does it work? The banner is easily setup by affixing each corner using grommets or eyelets. Unlike a retractable banner stand the graphic on an X Banner stand can be easily and quickly changed. This provides a more affordable solution to present multiple messages with one stand. Good news is the stand also disassembles easily to be stored in a compact space.

The Fabric and Stand
The stand hardware is available in carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass depending on your durability preference. The fabric also comes in different finishes including: Smooth, providing a translucent look; Scrim Vinyl, which yields a gloss or matte finish; and even banners that can be two-sided to suit your multi-purpose needs. And with advances in technology, we provide a digital print that will render a clean look to your banner fabric.

X Banner Benefits
1. Affordable
2. One piece of hardware with multiple graphics
3. Easily portable package
4. Lightweight
5. Quick setup
6. Adjustable height and width
7. Long shelf-life (with proper care)
8. Includes a carry bag
9. Disassembles easily to be stored in compact space

We can help you concept and design an X Banner that will display your messages beautifully to your customers and prospects so that you get an unrivaled tradeshow presence. Now all you need is your Banner in a Bag to be ready for your next tradeshow!